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fowling is traditional bird hunting in the southern region of russia. this fascinating activity has interesting traditions and our experienced rangers will gladly tell you about them. today, you can hunt for quail and pheasant on utkino premises.

quail is one of the smallest representatives among galliformes. the bird nests most often near buckwheat fields, open fields, meadows, on the fringe of the forest. it almost doesn’t fly and prefers running on the ground in dense grass. it flies only in case of immediate danger. the quail lays eggs in holes that it digs in the soil which is why they have this specific color pattern. quail hunting season opens in the middle of august.

pheasants, on the other hand, are one of the largest birds among galliformes. pheasants have an appearance typical for all galliformes: small head, solid sharp beak, rather long neck, short wings and relatively short legs. thanks to their appearance with vividly glowing copper-colored front and transverse lines of dark golden varied feathers on top including tail feathers, a hunter will never confuse this bird with another one. autumn is the best season to hunt for this bird as in october-november pheasants’ brood grows up coming out of bushes into the open space to look for food.