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ungulates hunting

ungulates hunting is a very old type of hunting. a lot of hunters and beaters may take part in it. this is an exciting, extremely interesting and truly russian kind of hunting. on utkino premises you will find wild boars and spotted deer.

wild boar is a very strong, rather active and fast running animal. compared to a domestic pig, a wild boar has a flatter body shape, robust, rather long legs and a large, pointed slim head. wild boars are very cautious and sensitive animals. if their hearing and smell are well developed, they can easily feel humans at a big distance, sometimes at three to five hundred steps that is why wild boar hunting is very complicated. we organize wild boar hunting from a tower.

a spotted deer has large horns with numerous antlers. it has much thinner horns than that of a red deer. sorrel color with white spots in summer and dark grey in winter. it has a long mane on the neck. it also has a “mirror” – a white spot on the bottom that helps deer not to lose sight of each other while moving in the forest. at night the animal’s eyes glow with orange or red hues.