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sniping club: has modern weapons of the “Orsis”, “Lobaev”, “HS Precision”, “Hammer-weapons”, K-145 “Dusk”, “Kalashnikov” and other weapons that can be rented for information firing led by experienced instructors. Services: Rental of a shooting place for 1 person with own weapons: 2,000 r/hour Individual lesson with an instructor: 3,000 r/hour Rental of weapons of the club is paid extra.

compact sporting: We also offer the products of one of the world leaders in Beretta sports weapons, the Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting guns, weapons for entry-level and advanced athletes that can achieve high results in trap shooting. Services: Introductory shooting from club weapons: 2 500r Individual lesson with instructor: 3,500 r/h The use of self-loaded or reloaded cartridges is prohibited.