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restaurants and bars

utkino country house cuisine philosophy consists in preparing exquisite dishes from seasonal farmer products grown on our own premises. we gain inspiration from nature when creating our culinary masterpieces.

restaurant service is justly considered a key pillar of hospitality. several restaurants and bars that would be a real discovery for those who appreciate unique atmosphere and perfect service are located on the territory of the country house.

start your day without a rush, having breakfast while enjoying breathtaking views and the atmosphere of country life on the outdoor patio or treat yourself to exquisite dinner.

restaurant menu is an actual collection of don, hunter and haute cuisine with a focus on seasonality.

aleksandr maystrenko

chef at utkino country house

a young and talented culinary expert passionate about the process of creating perfect dishes. in his creative work, he likes experimenting with old recipes giving them a modern twist and a signature touch. while predicting guest wishes, aleksandr will turn even the boldest ideas into a culinary piece of art.


workshops from the Utkino restaurant are an opportunity to spend time outdoors, in a tasty, interesting and productive way. Family brunch, corporate event or a friendly meeting - in whatever format your event takes place, you will certainly be delighted with the new knowledge about Don gastronomy and the panoramic view.

cooking fish soup

chef Alexander Maistrenko will tell all the secrets and subtleties of cooking traditional Cossack dishes in an open area by the river.

cooking shurpa

chef who has fallen in love with Don meat soup will undoubtedly leave a vivid gastronomic impression in his memory