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restaurant of the don cuisine: «duck»

«duck» - a chamber restaurant, expressing the colorful side of the country complex. to the duck itself, as a symbol of the restaurant, we have a special and quivering attitude. whole fields are sown with oats and corn to feed these birds. the restaurant of author's cuisine "duck" is a new idea of traditional don dishes. here invariably true to the main principle - to work with farmer and seasonal products, to cook from what is collected, caught and produced in the southern region of russia at a particular time of the year.

the head and heart of the kitchen is chef Ilya Leonov. a bold innovator and temperamental experimenter, he cleverly combines modern technologies, traditional ingredients for russian cuisine and memories of childhood tastes. love for native products and unpredictable combinations of the distinctive features of the kitchen in the "duck". the appearance of the restaurant, like its cuisine, is modern and undoubtedly with don's color. bright, original, understandable and ironic. metal and wood, table porcelain, crystal shine and floating under the arches of the restaurant mascots create the atmosphere of a chamber restaurant.

«duck» will certainly be to the taste of every guest, leaving in the shower a warm memory and an unquenchable desire to return again.

operating mode
friday, saturday from 18.00 to 24.00
on pre-booking