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restaurant of the high cuisine: «white horse»

in every life, who has much earlier, or is inexcusably late, but certainly there comes a moment when the noise subsides, and we wait, listening, and looking around, we are waiting for something truly meaningful. perfect aesthetics, phenomenal sense of smell and indestructible diligence make the white horse a symbol of a new gourmet restaurant in utkino. the new restaurant "white horse" - a truly high note of taste "utkino", fusion filing, a chamber atmosphere combined with modern stylish interiors and high-quality service will supplement your personal collection of impressions, taking away the evening held here somewhere to the top, in the rating of the best memories .

the head and heart of the kitchen is chef Ilya Leonov. a brave innovator and temperamental experimenter, who managed to create not just a new menu, but also to tell his guests something completely new and unexplored. the menu is not limited to one direction, product, country - the rate goes to diversity. coconut panacota with an unexpected persimmon and mango adjoins the scallops with nori powder and coconut sorghum, pate from the wild boar here can be found in the sea-buckthorn glaze, and confit from the wild goose with shiitake and golden broth, leaving indifferent any true gourmet.

the appearance of the restaurant, like its cuisine, is modern, bright and undoubtedly with great taste. the strength, swiftness and majestic beauty of the restaurant's graceful symbol, which opens to the guests from the canvases adorning the walls only emphasizes its originality.

operating mode
friday, saturday from 18.00 to 24.00
on pre-booking