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balance of nature and the art of wellness treatment is a key to the transformation of your mind and body. experience the most amazing part of your journey to utkino where you can relax, enjoy harmony and perfect tranquility.

visiting with children under 12 years is possible until 16.00.
from 16:00 to 22:00 visit only for adults and children over 12 years.

experience a zero-gravity state while plunging into the world of sensual and bodily transformations with floating therapy. in a pool filled with a special salt solution you float atop the water fully relaxing your body even deeper than when you sleep.
salt chamber
start taking care of your health with a visit to a chamber that recreates therapeutic microclimate of natural salt caves. halotherapy produces a deep healthcare effect, activates body protective capabilities, helps sooth the nervous system and improves well-being.
experience the feeling of cleanness and tranquility while enjoying foam massage, mud therapy or algae wraps on a special heated bed. magic rituals renew and soften the skin of the whole body eliminating toxins and guarantee a huge health enhancing effect.
unhurried steam bathing in hammam allows you fully relax, feel spiritual comfort, prepare your body and mind for further spa treatment procedures. while warming up your muscles and joints softly and gently, hammam procedures help you relax, give you energy, enhance health and beauty.
herbal steam room
a unique combination of humid steam and medical herbs gives a sense of lightness to your body, restores spiritual balance and positively influences the whole body.
russian steam room
best traditions of russian steam rooms for those who appreciate perfect steam bathing and full relaxation. steam bathing with a bath broom is probably the best way to reboot your mind and boost life energy.
ice plunge tub
plunging into icy water after steaming procedure is a special ritual that brings you delight and a feeling of a new birth. heat and cold alternated tempers you against colds, fills you with energy and cheers up.
infra-red cabin
infra-red cabin is a rather recent development but it has already become an integral part of bath culture. it allows you escaping from everyday duties and fills you with vital forces. soft rays rejuvenate and detoxicate your body, boost your life energy for a long period of time.
spa treatment for two
in a private zone in utkino spa center you will experience felicity, peace and tranquility. designed for two people only, it gives you a chance to enjoy your escape together in an intimate setting and reach balance. find enjoyment in talking to each other, sign up for luxurious procedures and set your mind to perfect harmony.
beauty therapy
our beauty programs and procedures are based on the philosophy of healthy face and full-body treatment. beauty and health balance is restored thanks to an individual approach of our experts and the use of products made exclusively of natural and beneficial ingredients.
swimming pool
spacious 15 meter pool with a counter-flow and hydro massage is a place where you cheer up in the morning or just rest in comfortable sun beds after spa treatment.
Rate the nature of Utkino for all-season spa treatments in a spacious jacuzzi with warm, bubbling water, located on the terrace overlooking the river.
gym will be a special treat for our guests who prefer staying active and don’t forget about working out even on vacations.
yoga is a unique means of complete relaxation at all levels, a powerful spiritual practice, an escape from reality, a way to settle your mind and get rid of chronic fatigue.
utkino country house is a perfect place for yoga practice. your personal island of tranquility and overall detachment is all you need for a fresh start and acceptance of your own self.
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cosmetics brand
in the "utkino" country house presents premium cosmetic brands that combine natural ingredients, modern technology and unique secrets of beauty of different cultures.